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Zebi’s Blockchain Solution

Reliable & Secure

Blockchain Enforced Tamperproof and Hacker-proof


Minimal intrusive and greater flexibility with respect to private/public blockchain utilization

Technology Enforced

Smart contracts and digital signatures enabled data exchange with no human intervention required


Instant and transparent access to data using DaaS APIs

Data Democracy

All sensitive data requests go through explicit and granular consent mechanism

Paperless Exchange

Business processes can be fully automated to enable true paperless exchange of information

Bird’s Eye View of the Solution

Zebi solution ecosystem consists of two interconnected proprietary Components Zebi Chain™ and Zebi Data Gateway, to bring Individuals, Data Providers and Data Requestors on a common platform to enable secure, seamless and consent based exchange of information among them.

Zebi Chain™

is a proprietary light weight satellite application installed at various Data Providers’ premises to provide immutability using Blockchain based ledger. The number of nodes in the private Blockchain is configurable and integrates with Ethereum public Blockchain for 100% tamperproof protection.

Zebi Data Gateway

shall connect Zebi Chain™ installations and on-board individuals and data requestors with a simple registration process. It can facilitate instant data exchange through DaaS APIs by connecting to Zebi Chain™ instances and taking individual consent wherever appropriate.

Meet the Team

Zebi is founded, mentored and managed by Stanford, MIT, Oxford and IIT veterans and thought leaders from Silicon Valley with experience in Google, Uber, Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Babu Munagala
Founder, CEO & M.D.
Sudheer Kuppam
Co-Founder and Board Member
Kalyan Muppaneni
Board Member
Phani Arega
Vice President, Engineering
Gopal Bang
Director, Business Operations
Renuka Rathode
Product Strategist