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About Us
Zebi is a full-stack core-blockchain company founded by Silicon Valley veterans. Full-stack means that Zebi operates in the entire blockchain ecosystem – infrastructure and products. Core blockchain means that Zebi does not offer any other service apart from blockchain.
Zebi Public Blockchain (Zebi Mainnet) is a public blockchain designed to be a multi-chain and multi-token platform built on Cosmos, with Zapp (Zebi Dapps) development, facilitating libraries for several data and security use cases.
Zebi Chain 2.1 is an enterprise-grade private blockchain platform that is far superior to any open source offering. It is now live in 5+ enterprises and government customers.
Zapps are Zebi’s products that are built on top of its public and private chains with specialized IP/modules for each use case and the business vertical.
Zebi has 20+ PoCs, 5+ live products, 40+ customers, and 2 Million+ digital records blockchained.
Zebi Public Blockchain is live now! For more details, visit https://zpb.zebi.io.