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Summary of Zebi AMA Session Conducted on August 28, 2019
At Zebi, we have always tried to maintain 100% transparency…

Aug 29, 2019


Proposal to List Zebi’s Token (ZEBI) on Binance
DEX Zebi announced today that it intends to submit a proposal to list…

Jul 4, 2018


Zebi Asset Chain
Want to know the real use case of Zebi Asset Chain? Learn about our decentralized blockchain-based…

Jun 19 , 2018


Proposal for Listing Zebi’s Token (ZEBI)
We are proud to announce that we have submitted a proposal for listing Zebi’s token (ZEBI) on Binance DEX

Jul 10 , 2018


Zebi Launches Zebi Public Blockchain (ZPB)
Zebi is excited to announce the official launch of the ZPB…

Aug 20, 2019


Zebi’s Social Media Policy
At Zebi, we all are aware of how social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram…

Jun 28, 2018


Zebi Q2 Newsletter
We are pleased to bring you this Q2 update. This past quarter has seen some…

Jun 17, 2018


ZCO — Bitbns Contest
Here are some details pertaining to the contest: Total rewards of the contest will be 199,900 ZCO tokens…

Jun 9, 2018


Zebi Token (ZEBI) is Listed on Binance DEX
Our proposal to list ZEBI token on Binance DEX was accepted…

Aug 16, 2019


Zebi Community Bounty Program — 2
Another exciting Zebi Community Bounty Program is starting from June 19th, 11 AM IST…

Jun 19, 2018


Zebi Edu Chain
We are pleased to bring you this Q2 update. This past quarter has seen some significant…

Jun 13, 2018


Zebi Community Bounty Program
The program runs from June 10th, 6 AM IST — June 16th, 6 PM IST, 2019 Task: Write an…

Jun 8, 2018