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ZZY BEP2 to ZPB Swap Instructions

BEP2 to ZPB Swap Instructions

Procedure to swap BEP2 ZEBI tokens to ZPB ZEBI tokens using the bridge software
*Token Swap from BEP2 (ZEBI) to Zebi Public Blockchain (ZEBI) is live now.


  • Binance Blockchain to Zebi Mainnet is two-way swap. Once swapped, you can swap the Zebi Mainnet tokens back to BEP2 ZEBI  tokens.
  • BEP2 symbol is ZEBI and Zebi Public Blockchain symbol is ZEBI.
  • Swapping of the same Binance address to multiple Zebi Public Blockchain addresses is not allowed.
  • All BEP2 ZEBI tokens will be swapped to ZPB ZEBI tokens at a 1:1 ratio.
  • For Security Precautions refer here.
  • For any query or assistance, please send us an email at tokenmigration.support@zebi.io.


Instructions to Swap

The below instructions are for ZEBI holders swapping their 140 BEP2 ZEBI tokens to 140 ZPB ZEBI tokens. You can also follow the same instructions replacing the number with the actual number of ZEBI tokens you want to swap.

  1. If you do not have an account on ZPB, create an account (e.g. with public key ZPK0); this can be done using the ZPB wallet.
    Instructions to create new Zebi Public Blockchain Account using Zebi Wallet


  1. Go to the Token Swap bridge software:https://tokenswap.zebichain.com
    A new Zebi Token Migration Bridge screen is displayed.


  1. Bridge software usage instructions:
          1. Select BEP2 ZEBI from From Token
          2. Select ZPB ZEBI from the to Token

          3. Click Next to navigate to the next screen.
          4. In the Zebi Chain Token field, select Zebi Token (ZEBI).
          5. In the Binance Account Address (BPK0) field, enter your Binance account public address in which you currently hold the ZEBI tokens.
          6. In the Zebi Account Address (ZPK0) field, enter the ZPB account address.
          7. Click Next as displayed in the next screen.
          8. Transfer your BEP2 ZEBI token from your Bianace Account (BPK0) via Bianace wallet to the swap Binance address (BPK1) which is displayed on the screen. For this transfer, you will incur a small amount of gas fee.
          9. After you have completed the transfer, click Next as displayed in the next screen.
          10. If any new transactions from your address to the displayed swap address are found, you will see the transaction details on the next screen.  The exact amount of ZPB ZEBI tokens will be credited to your ZPB account.
          11. Click Done to complete the token swap procedure.
          12. Lead time for crediting the swapped tokens into the recipient account varies between 30 sec to 10 minutes. For security reasons, limited token balance is kept in the swap software accounts and balance is replenished regularly. So if your transaction is swapping high quantity that happens to be more than current balance of respective swap account, it remains in the queue waiting for balance replenishment. After the next replenishment, it goes through automatically.