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In case your country is not available for selection above, please note that you are not eligible to participate in the ZCO Token Sale in case you are a citizen or a permanent resident of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or have a domicile or primary residence in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
It’s a unique and holistic solution to make high value and sensitive data readily available for legitimate use. Zebi safeguards data against hacking and tampering, while obtaining consent from individuals. The solution comprises of Zebi Chain™ to provide immutability to critical records, coupled with a central hub called Zebi Data Gateway which enables secure and instant data exchange through Data-as-aService (DaaS) APIs
Zebi Coin (ZCO) is an ERC20 standard token based on Ethereum Blockchain powered smart contract. It is a utility token which will be used as mode of payment for all Zebi services, including transaction processing through the Gateway and data protection by Zebi Chain™
ZCO is priced at 0.0000333 ETH/ZCO, 300 million tokens will be sold with hard cap of $10 million. Yes, there is 30% discount during pre-sale and appropriate discounts will be announced during the Token Sale
  1. Go to https://www.zebi.io
  2. Read latest whitepaper dated 04-Feb-18, Terms & Conditions document and check FAQ’s
  3. Click on Participate button to reach https://ico.zebi.io.
  4. Go through step 1-5 explained there to complete your purchase
Minimum contribution in Zebi Token Sale would be 1 ETH
Yes, there are restrictions for citizens of USA and Singapore, please read latest whitepaper dated 04-Feb-18 and Terms & Conditions documents available on Zebi.io
Yes, Zebi will collect KYC documents as part of the registration process
On receipt of ETH on our smart contract address, it will automatically allocate ZCO’s to the participant, it will be transferred to your Ether account after presale ends
ZCO’s will be available for resale or exchange in April 2018
There are 2 ways to see.
  1. You need to add ZCO as custom tokens in your ether wallet view using following parameters:
    Tokens symbol=ZCO
    Token Address=0x2008e3057bd734e10ad13c9eae45ff132abc1722
    On saving that allocated ZCO’s will be shown token balances section.
  2. In this etherscan page, view the tokens alloted for your ethereum public key
It can be seen as "Total Supply" in this etherscan page
Your transaction will be rejected but you will most likely incur the gas cost; Gas incurred for rejected transactions is likely to be more than that of a successful transaction
Your transaction will be rejected but you will most likely incur the gas cost; Gas incurred for rejected transactions is likely to be more than that of a successful transaction. So please check the total number of ZCOs allocated so far before you transfer.
It is excluding the transaction fee.
We recommend you to follow these also in addition to the precautions you usually follow.
At this link.
Customers Government's/Enterprise currently pay in fiat, however we will introduce discounts and promotional offers for payment in ZCO's slowly and incentivize adoption of ZCO's as mode of payment for all our services gradually and Once there is enough traction and dependency built on Zebi data and DaaS APIs, we will make it mandatory.
We believe that in his budget speech, FM Jaitley chose his words very carefully in speaking of crypto-currencies, hinting towards regulation and not a ban. We have consulted TRA, a law firm that specializes in representing cryptocurrency businesses, and have been advised that not "legal tender" does not equal "illegal". It would only mean that crypto-currencies are not state-backed which has always been the understanding in any case. The emphasis of the FM is on the regulation of crypto-currencies to clamp down on the use of crypto-currencies for illegitimate transactions, which we can only agree with.
Zebi is a growing start-up and will use the funds raised to expand its product and market capabilities and to bring right people in place from future growth perspective, some of activities for which funds will be used are as follows:
  • Acquiring, engaging and servicing the prospective Individuals, Issuers & Requestors to enhance utility of the Zebi Data ecosystem.
  • Expanding teams required for functioning of Operations, Sales and Engineering
  • Engaging technical and strategy advisors to ensure Zebi stays on right course
  • Incentivizing Ecosystem participants to encourage them to contribute towards adoption and growth of Zebi Data Eco-system
Please write to info@zebi.co with any question